The Glass Summer Menu


to start with

Spring potato salad and egg with Smoked fish or Feta-cheese
Grilled broccolini, almond and chili


Grilled Steak of the Day with asparagus, hand peeled shrimps and chili Hollandaise
Zucchini topped with chanterelles, Puy-lentils and romesco
Pike perch braised in horseradish butter, hand peeled shrimps, peas and potatoes


Blueberry-thyme sorbet, blueberry and merinque

3 course menu 39 €
Wines 35 €
Main course with green salad 28 €
Starter 10 €
Dessert 9 €
Soup of the day 10 €
House bread and spread 3,50 € 


The Glass

Bistro. Café. A rum bar. Come for a drink or lunch. For coffee or dinner. We serve you from morning to night seven days a week.

The menu

Nordic bistro with strong vegetarian foundation. Ingredients come locally and spices from afar. Classics and premieres. Multi course dinner or single bites, but always an experience.

The Location

It is difficult to locate more in the centre. Kämp Gallery and basement. Entrance from the mall or in the evening from the street Mikonkatu 1.

The Staff

Attitude, professionalism and customer appreciation. A top person who’s not shy to be himself. Humorous and authentic. That’s who we are.


We have made and innovated ways to keep you and our staff healthy. To enjoy and not fear. We will be happy to tell you more about this and our other sustainable development activities.

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It started as many good stories begin – from a restaurant. Two friends, both well-known professionals. Two glasses and a bottle of good Riesling. One throws out an idea and the other gets interested. A long conversation follows. Another bottle of Riesling. More discussion. Ideas fly and vision becomes brighter. Notes are being made on a napkin. A promise and a handshake. The Glass is born.

Helsinki’s most picturesque dishes



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FORESTS OF THE NORTH WIND 10.6. – 2.10.2022

“We are so used to landscapes shaped by humans that we risk forgetting what a natural forest looks like.”

Forests of the North Wind is the final part of a forest trilogy based on research through photographic art by Ritva Kovalainen and Sanni Seppo, culminating their three decades of work on forest themes. The first two parts of the trilogy were Tree People (1997), an exploration into Finnish forest mythology, and Silvicultural Operations (2009), which highlighted the downsides of forestry.

Forests of the North Wind portrays our natural forests as diverse spaces and states of being that sustain life. It depicts the rich ecosystems that our northern coniferous forests are at their best. The exhibition also illustrates how forest habitats are becoming threatened and being lost.

A natural forest means a forest that still retains its diversity-sustaining characteristics. Trees of various ages and species maintain biodiversity. Natural forests are biotic communities formed by thousands of plants, fungi, animals, protists, archaeans and bacteria.

The majority of our forests have been transformed by intensive forestry into something fundamentally different from what they would be naturally. Only around 1% of Finnish forests are in their natural state, that is, untouched. There are still slightly more forests left where the impacts of human activity have not decisively changed their natural structure and species composition. These, too, are still disappearing due to logging.

Most of the photographs in the exhibition were taken in protected areas near Finland’s eastern border ranging from North Karelia to Lapland. Elsewhere in Finland, only small, isolated fragments of natural forest have survived.

The exhibition urges us to recognise the difference between a natural forest and a commercial forest – to use modifier words when talking about forests, as our tendency to only talk generically about forests prevents us from seeing the true state of forest habitats.

Ritva Kovalainen (b. 1959) is a photographic artist whose numerous books, short films and exhibitions are themed particularly on the human relationship with nature.

Sanni Seppo (b. 1960) is a photographic artist whose work speaks about people’s community action to defend their rights, their relationship with nature and their fragile dreams of living lives unique to themselves. She is also interested in opportunities for influence through photography and is the co-artistic director of the Festival of Political Photography.

Client Testimonials

“Restaurant is absolutely stunning and beautiful. Features the modern designs and matching themes makes it look bright and beautiful. The service is amazing, friendly people and nice employees, the food tastes great. I think this is one of the best if not the best restaurant I ever visited.”

The Divider

“Awesome vegetarian dishes with personal twist, wines perfectly matching.

Evening finished with delicious steak.

Coffee was thick and tasty, with some Rom Jeremy XO.”

Mika M.

“(Translated by Google) Great service, well prepared food and the place is quiet and comfortable. The experience was very good, the place was peaceful and relaxing and the dishes were very delicious.”

Rami A.