The Glass

Bistro. Café. A rum bar. Come for a drink or lunch. For coffee or dinner. We serve you from morning to night seven days a week.

The menu

Nordic bistro with strong vegetarian foundation. Ingredients come locally and spices from afar. Classics and premieres. Multi course dinner or single bites, but always an experience.

The Location

It is difficult to locate more in the centre. Kämp Gallery and basement. Entrance from the mall or in the evening from the street Mikonkatu 1.

The Staff

Attitude, professionalism and customer appreciation. A top person who’s not shy to be himself. Humorous and authentic. That’s who we are.


We have made and innovated ways to keep you and our staff healthy. To enjoy and not fear. We will be happy to tell you more about this and our other sustainable development activities.

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The Finnish Museum of Photography’s new exhibition space

It started as many good stories begin – from a restaurant. Two friends, both well-known professionals. Two glasses and a bottle of good Riesling. One throws out an idea and the other gets interested. A long conversation follows. Another bottle of Riesling. More discussion. Ideas fly and vision becomes brighter. Notes are being made on a napkin. A promise and a handshake. The Glass is born.

Helsinki’s most picturesque dishes

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Book a table

You are always welcome, but we recommend booking a table for dinner. You can arrive for lunch, coffee, a glass and a snack as you wish – even on a whim. Below is a link to our booking system (in Finnish). Welcome!

Buy a gift card

A gift card is a nice gift – the recipient can decide on using it for for food, drink or even tickets for a photo exhibition. Or to all of the above. Below is a link to our gift card store (in Finnish).

Summer Exhibition 2021

Through a Different Lens: Stanley Kubrick Photographs

Stanley Kubrick (1928–1999) worked as a photojournalist for Look magazine years before he became known as a filmmaker and the director of such classics as Dr. Strangelove (1964), 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), and A Clockwork Orange (1971).

Kubrick was born in 1928 in New York City and raised in the borough of The Bronx. As a young adult, he was less interested in formal education than in lessons learned in the real world. As a teenager with a photographic sensibility, Kubrick was already scouting human-interest stories for Look. For a budding photographer like Kubrick, there was no better place to be at the time than New York City, home to Life and Look, America’s two leading pictorial magazines. Look’s Manhattan office became his college, its editors and his fellow photographers his professors, and New York City his field of study. Kubrick worked at the magazine for five years (1945–1950), during which he participated in the process of making art in a collaborative setting not unlike that of the film studios he would soon enter.

Kubrick’s photographs for Look generally accorded with the magazine’s populist perspective, which was attuned to postwar American themes such as consumerism, entertainment, science, and the family. Sometimes, however, he deviated from its mainstream approach, indulging his idiosyncratic taste for the eccentric and offbeat. Kubrick’s photography laid the technical and aesthetic foundations for his cinematography: it was through the lens of the photographic camera that he learned to be an acute observer of human interactions and to tell stories through images arranged into dynamic narrative sequences. His years at Look proved to be a basis for his subsequent career as a celebrated filmmaker—a formative period when he honed his skills as both a storyteller and a crafter of images, albeit through a different lens.

Client Testimonials

“Restaurant is absolutely stunning and beautiful. Features the modern designs and matching themes makes it look bright and beautiful. The service is amazing, friendly people and nice employees, the food tastes great. I think this is one of the best if not the best restaurant I ever visited.”

The Divider

“Awesome vegetarian dishes with personal twist, wines perfectly matching.

Evening finished with delicious steak.

Coffee was thick and tasty, with some Rom Jeremy XO.”

Mika M.

“(Translated by Google) Great service, well prepared food and the place is quiet and comfortable. The experience was very good, the place was peaceful and relaxing and the dishes were very delicious.”

Rami A.