Promise 1

Our goal is the best food, drink, atmosphere and service in town. Every day and for every guest.

Promise 2

Restaurant hygiene in Finland is top notch. We take it further with new technical innovations and operating models.

Promise 3

In all our efforts, we constantly strive to reduce our carbon footprint and promote sustainable development.

The best restaurant in Helsinki

We are a new restaurant in the Helsinki city center. We are located on the K1 floor of Kämp Gallery with The Finnish Museum of Photography K1 exhibition space. Entrepreneurs are Jarkko Myllymäki and Ykä Raitanen. The restaurant, café and rum bar, spiced with photographic art, create a completely new kind of experience in the restaurant scene in the center of Helsinki.

The Staff

Attitude, professionalism and customer appreciation. A top person who’s not shy to be himself. Humorous and authentic. That’s who we are.

The Sijainti

It is difficult to locate more in the centre. Kämp Gallery and basement. Entrance from the mall or in the evening from the street Mikonkatu 1.

Gift Store


We monitor and investigate new approaches from abroad and the science, test and bring the most functional to The Glass. Our level of hygiene far exceeds what is required, you can enjoy with peace of mind.


We have made and innovated ways to keep you and our staff healthy. To enjoy and not fear. We will be happy to tell you more about this and our other sustainable development activities.

K1 Valokuvataiteen museon näyttelytilan logo

The Finnish Museum of Photography’s new exhibition space