A few words about hygiene

A Finnish restaurant in general is a safe and clean place. Cov-19 times does not change this fact. In these times, it’s especially important to think of ones actions. And after all, it’s the little deeds that make a big difference.

For disinfection we use the latest technology in the industry, ozonation, which has been proven to eliminate bacteria and viruses from all surfaces. Ozonation is still new in Finland, but it is guaranteed to be the standard of the future. Ask your waiter for more information. We are happy to present the method, which is the most efficient and environmentally friendly of its kind!

And the little things, like wiping tables and disinfecting them also from under. It is the place where the hands of many touch, but which is not always cleansed as required at the moment. And of course with ozone. This ensures that the surface is guaranteed to be clean – even under a microscope.

• High quality air conditioning ensures efficient ventilation. Genano air purifiers, same equipment which is used in operating theaters in Finnish hospitals, remove viruses, bacteria and small particles from the air.

• Surfaces are disinfected with ozonated water.

• Hand disinfectant is always available.

• We store our customers’ contact information to enable us to quickly solve potential exposures. Of course, this is voluntary.

• We only come to work healthy. We wish the same from our customers.

• Complying safety distances and customer seat restrictions are of course obvious for us. As well as the continuous development of operating models.

Welcome to a safe and tasty restaurant!

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